For songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur Riza A. Shahid aka RZ SHAHID, music is just one aspect of a life spent balancing the arts in a constantly developing creative persona. With his entertainment company Art of Xanadu, rzwoke has built a brand for himself based off avant-garde, soulful vibes and the influences of lyrical, arts oriented hip-hop.

RZ has recently released the EP Ahh Shii; with tracks ranging from the driving, bass-heavy Balanced to the melancholy Blue Pit with it’s jazz piano samples, he embodies a full range of feelings to elevate every day experiences into art. Growing up with a peer group which encouraged musical expression, writing, producing, and performing comes to him as second nature; nevertheless, he plans to take Art of Xanadu further with the launch of an associated clothing line and the prospect of touring with his music. Live performance ha been a staple for him since his professional breakthrough in 2016, and as a part of the independent hip-hop scene in Minnesota’s Twin Cities area, his live experiences have included the offbeat Art Shanties Festival, which saw him perform to a crowd on the frozen surface of Minneapolis’s Lake Harriet. 

Driven, focused, yet never losing touch with the groove and flow of the music, RZ is an experimental artist carving out his own sound whilst constantly playing with new influences.