Rz Shahid is a St. Louis Park  native who’s found a home in multiple areas throughout the Twin Cities within his lifespan. Well known for his acknowledgment by go95 in late 2017 being named one of the 5 artists to watch out for that winter, later on releasing the highly praised JTTX in the spring of 2018, and the euphoric performances he puts on at shows & open mics throughout the Twin Cities venues, and the buoyant 4 track LeadFoot EP that dropped fall of 2019. Providing a blunt perspective inside of his mind, turning life into your favorite jams, he likes to call it “Honesty that’s groovy”. The self proclaimed Xanadu warrior has been spreading his aura online & through the city with his fashionable “Whats Your Xanadu?” line & behind the scenes work among other artists & entrepreneurs while continuing to craft his own work. With the laid-back yet goofy personality you’re guaranteed to leave any encounter with a smile on your face & a new favorite artist in your playlist.